Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The libertarian takeover of the Republican Party?

It seems that traditionalist conservatives were jeered at and treated poorly during a district endorsing convention. One of the candidates for Congress sent out a press release complaining about what took place.

I find this funny because if this had happened in the reverse, if the libertarians were the ones being jeered at, she would have thought it right and proper. I wouldn't say that they were right for behaving this way, I wasn't there to judge, but it seems to be a piece of a larger picture.

It is fascinating to hear stories of the Republican Party changing at the grassroot level. It will be fascinating to see what the Republican Party looks like in 10 years.


Anonymous said...

I can only hope so; the sooner that conservatives take back their party from the religious whackjobs and magic underwear freaks, the sooner they'll be back in power. Until then, they are simply excluding themselves from contention.

Thucydides said...

This was perhaps the inevitable result of the "libertarians as a social movement" meme. As individuals become more empowered by the increased wealth, technology and communications available since the early 1980's, they ahve learned they don't need government and bureaucrats in every facet of their lives.

They have been quietly decoupling from the traditional centralized structures in different ways and for different reasons (a person who wires his house to get off the grid has different motivations from a mother who home schools her children); which may be why this hasn't been an obvious movement.

More obviously is the implosion of the Progressive project; they are financially bankrupt, morally bankrupt (the criss crossing welter of special privilege and special intersts ve equality at law) and may even be come legally bankrupt (the US Supreme Court's ruling against Obamacare will probably be the shot that starts an avalanche in the US, as proponents of the Tenth Amendment will be emboldened to invoke it against other intrusive legislation and regulation).

With more and more people implicitly living a libertarian life and seeing the collapse of the competing model, it makes sense that a portion of them may become politically active within existing structures, thus the libertarian takeover of the Republican party

Gabriel Fancher said...

It's either must embrace the grass roots or it will go the way of the Whig.